Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the summer programs?

Southern California Conference Youth Rush program is a 10-week summer program. It usually begins in early June and ends in mid-August.

What is the weekly schedule like?

We work Sunday-Thursday in afternoon and evening. On Friday & Sabbath, program stays together to take care of personal needs, enjoy fun group activities, and spend time worshipping in local churches.

Who can join?

We welcome anyone who is at least 16 years of age or older, has a love for Jesus, and is willing to make a 10-week commitment to work hard and serve Jesus. If you have questions about your eligibility to work, call (818) 546-8436.

Where do we work?

We work in a variety of cities within the Southern California Conference territory, covering from Santa Barbara to Pomona and San Pedro to Lancaster.

Can I request a certain location, or can I request to be with my friends?

Yes, you may request a certain location assignment or to be with a certain other student. However, because of the complexities of program balancing, we cannot please everyone and we do not guarantee that your request will be granted. (Hint: Early applicants get their requests more often!)

Will we take time off?

Yes. There is a “home leave” weekend in the middle of the summer. There is also a spiritual retreat at the end of the summer where all the students from different programs get together.

What documents will I need to bring to the program to verify my eligibility for employment in the United States?

The federal I-9 employment authorization form explains what documents are required.

How do I get a matching scholarship?

Talk to your school and see what they need in order to match your earnings. Go to the scholarships section of our website and find out how much the school of your choice is willing to match what you earn. We provide a verified summary of earnings that you can give to your school’s financial office. This summary is usually sent via email in the month of September following the summer you serve.

I attend a non-Adventist school. Can I still receive the earnings from my summer of canvassing?

Yes, you will still receive your full earnings, even if you decide to attend a non-Adventist school. However, certain Adventist schools provide a matching scholarship amount in addition to your canvassing earnings.

What if school ends after the program begins or starts before the program ends?

That’s no problem. We would work with your school schedule. We just need to know the dates you would be able to participate pre-hire. Keep in mind, we give priority to students who can do as close to the full program as possible.

Do I have to pay anything up front?

Once you have applied, gone through the interview process, and been offered a job, there is a $120 entrance fee. These funds are used to help in a small way with program’s expenses.

How will I be paid?

You will be paid, by check or with the option of direct deposit to your bank account, at least twice per month.

How much commission will I earn?

Commission is 35%. At the end of the program, students who complete their pre-hire time commitment will receive an additional 15% retroactive commission bonus, which will equal 50%.