About Youth Rush

Youth Rush is a 10-week summer literature evangelism program where young students go door-to-door, spreading God’s Word through Christ-centered, truth-filled literature. The work is rewarding, spiritual, and life changing—not only for the people in the communities, but also for the students themselves.

The purpose of Literature Evangelism

Literature Evangelism is a highly effective way of reaching souls for Christ! Through Christ-centered books, the Word of God is shared by students as they go door-to-door, meeting thousands of people every summer. These books nurture and challenge them physically, mentally, and spiritually. Meeting people at the doors and praying in between them, gives students incredible opportunities to touch and change lives.

You can join if you:

  • Love Jesus
  • Are 16 years of age or older
  • Work hard

A typical workday

Youth Rush students work Sunday-Thursday for 10 weeks during the summer. After brunch, worship, and training, students pray together before sharing Jesus with the local communities. They hit the streets, offering people books and free community services, including Bible studies. Teams in vans go out together with highly trained and experienced leaders. On Friday, students relax, do laundry, and have fun. Sabbath is a time to rest with God and share powerful testimonies, fellowshipping with local churches.

10 REasons to spend your summer with youth rush

1. Being involved in front line ministry will stretch and expand your Christian experience. You can look forward to incredible experiences with God and growing in your leadership and people skills.

2. You will earn a great scholarship, thus, making school easier to pay for. The average student earns around $2,500-4,000 for the summer. Most SDA colleges match this by a certain percentage.

3. You will develop people skills, as well as leadership skills that you can use with your local youth group and beyond.

4. Safety! Two-way radios as well as trained leaders (who work with students constantly) have ensured our students with safety for a number of summers.

5. Housing, transportation, and brunch are provided without charge to the students during the entire 10-week program.

6. Bible workers and church members follow up evangelistic interests gained from the community so that spiritual seekers can find what they are looking for.

7. Daily group activities provide spiritual fellowship and bonding with other students. Also, a summer-end retreat gives time with friends to play, share, and worship with other student literature evangelists from all over the west coast

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