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Southern California Conference Youth Rush is a place to grow closer to God, make lifelong friends, earn money for school, and share life-changing books with people. Youth Rush students fulfill the calling of a literature evangelist, sharing the love of God through literature.

Spiritual Growth

Experience a profound spiritual journey that deepens your love for others and strengthens your relationship with God.

Work Experience

Develop skills that will help you navigate workplace challenges and contribute positively to a team and personal development.

Meaningful Impact

Connect with the community, discover individual needs, and meet those needs through literature that adds value to foster personal and spiritual growth.


These are just a few of the experiences our missionaries have had during our program.

I had a dream…

At one door, Youth Rush student Linda Chavez showed a man a cookbook and started to explain its benefits. The man stopped her mid-sentence and said, You’re doing this as a ministry, aren’t you?” She replied with an affirming, “Yes!” He went on to ask her…

They’re reading them!

While Rosalva Jacinto was working in Panorama City one day, she kept running into people who had already purchased our books! One man who saw what she had in her hand ran back inside and brought a stack of three books to the door. He had already…

Dump bag

Most of the time, families purchase 2-5 books, but on rare occasions, some families will purchase all the books in a student’s bag. Angelica Perez experienced a rarity one summer as she was knocking on doors in Oxnard. The man only wanted a DVD at the beginning…