Shower Trailer Fundraiser



Literature Ministries needs your help. Every summer students involved in our Youth Rush program engage with the local Southern California community offering literature, free services, and prayer to thousands of people. This past summer (2019) over 21,000 pieces of literature were distributed and over 195,000 doors were knocked on by 36 student missionaries. Over 100 people signed up for Bible studies or to attend a Bible prophecy seminar and countless prayers were offered. More than 115 people signed up for at least one type of health service (healthy living cooking schools, stop smoking programs, etc.) Over $90,000 was raised to help participating students go to school.

In addition to the summer program, Literature Ministries provides opportunities throughout the year that engage young people in ministry for Christ. One such opportunity is GLOW Impact Academy Edition. During this weekend event, approximately 60 student missionaries knock on every door in a specific town covering the entire town in two days. The experience these young people have during the summer and throughout the year is priceless! We’ve included a few of their testimonies below.

“Youth Rush 2019 was BOMB! … If only you could have been there with us, you would see how God still does amazing miracles that we often read about but don’t experience… I’ve been a part of many ministries and this one is special because you’re on the front lines knocking on a random home just praying they answer to tell them about Jesus.” – Margarita H., Student Spiritual Vice President at SOULS West

“I wouldn’t trade this summer for anything!” – Cristian P.

“I came to Youth Rush in a place where my spiritual life was at its worst. I came hoping to find God again and that is exactly what happened.” – Gabran A.

“Youth Rush has given me a taste of how powerful one-on-one, door-to-door ministry is… It has given me a taste of how wonderful our God is, allowing me to have a clearer picture of His character through service… It is amazing to think that God would choose to use me to reach them and that my actions this summer, through the power of God, have set things into motion for souls to be won for Him.” Gabriella D.

We praise God for the way He has worked through these programs to bless SCC communities and strengthen the spirituality of our young people. While we feel blessed to put these programs on for the youth of our church, we need financial assistance in order to reach all areas of our conference territory. One of the largest limiting factors for our mission project locations is the need for a facility with working showers. To expand our reach in this territory, we would like to purchase a mobile shower trailer. This portable shower trailer would enable us to run youth mission programs in almost every part of the Southern California Conference territory! Our fundraising goal, to cover the costs of this proposed shower trailer, is $22,000. With your support, we believe we can accomplish this goal. Would you consider contributing to this cause? Together, we can reach more communities with the gospel and engage more youth in mission.

On behalf of Southern California Conference Literature Ministries, we thank you in advance for your support. You can give in several ways:
1) Online at:
2) By check made out to “Southern California Conference,” adding “Literature Ministries Shower Trailer” in the memo. Mail check to: Literature Ministries, 1535 E. Chevy Chase Dr., Glendale, CA 91206.
3) By credit card over the phone. Call (818) 546-8435 to process your gift. Receipt sent via mail.
4) Drop by our office (Office #220) located at 1535 Chevy Chase Ave., Glendale, CA 91206.
We are able to process all cash, check and credit card contributions.

Thank you for partnering with us to advance the mission!

Marco Topete
Literature Ministries
Southern California Conference

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